Parking Lot Procedures

For the safety of the students, we ask that Kindergarten and TEDDE parents to park and walk in the yellow crosswalks when dropping off and picking up students.

Our parking lot procedures have been created to work best for the drop-off and dismissal of hundreds of students at a time. The system is not designed to be the quickest way for one parent to drop-off/pick-up one child, but rather it is designed to be the safest way for all parents to drop-off/pick-up all children. Please remember that our staff members work very hard every day to ensure the safety of your child during drop-off and dismissal. It can be very disheartening for our teachers to have to argue with parents about parking lot rules, while trying to enforce procedures that are designed to protect all students from harm. We are always open to suggestions for improvement in our system, but not while we are on safety duty. Our Valet system has been lauded by many for its focus on student safety, but it only works if everyone is following the parking lot rules. We truly appreciate the vast majority of parents who patiently follow our parking lot rules, and greet the children and teachers each day with a smile on their face. Our students and staff deserve no less.

Please remember to share these procedures with anyone picking up your child.

Dress and Appearance Standards:

The Board of Trustees, acting on administrative recommendations adopted the following dress and appearance standards:

Dress should be appropriate for normal school activities; it should reflect pride and respect. Pupils are expected to dress neatly, cleanly, and in good taste at school and all school-related functions. Pupil appearance shall not be disruptive to the educational process, create a distraction in any form, or be unsafe for that pupil or others. The determination of good taste or safety rests with the building principal or designee at school and all school-related functions. Health and safety are guides to employees to adhere to and enforce the dress code. The Board finds that the presence of certain types of clothing and attire can cause a substantial disruption of or material interference with institutional and other school activities. Specifically, the Board finds that it is necessary to establish dress and grooming standards designed to prohibit the wearing or displaying of clothing, attire, jewelry or materials that evidence membership in or affiliation with any gang; which are obscene, sexually explicit or suggestive; which promote the use/abuse of drugs and/or alcohol; or which are otherwise inappropriate or unsafe for normal school activities.

Students, while at school or any school-sponsored activity, are NOT permitted to wear:

  1. Shorts, skirts or dresses that expose undergarments or posteriors.
  2. Shorts, skirts or dresses must not be shorter than a student's fingertips when arms are fully extended along the student's side.
  3. See-through blouses, bare midriffs, tank-tops (with straps less then 3 fingers wide), spaghetti straps, halter, strapless, or backless tops.
  4. Any clothing that refers to any type of alcohol, drug, or act that is illegal or hazardous to one's health. Clothing with crude or inappropriate writing is not acceptable.
  5. Baseball caps or other hats must be worn frontwards only and are to be removed indoors.
  6. Clothing or jewelry that shows or suggests sexually-related or obscene gestures, pictures, or wording.
  7. Clothing, jewelry, or accessories which pose a threat to the physical safety and well-being of the student or others.
  8. Clothing and/or accessories related to a group or gang that may provoke violence or cause others to be intimidated by fear of violence.
  9. Shoes must be worn at all times for reasons of safety. The following shoes are not acceptable: Crocs (or other soft soled shoe), flip-flops, toeless or open toe sandals, Heelies (shoes with wheels), strapless heels, high heels on any shoes.
  10. Hair must be neat and well-groomed for sanitary reasons.

Unfortunately, certain styles of clothing are identified as being associated with gangs. We believe that wearing this attire poses a safety threat to your child. We have found that oversized clothes are a safety hazard, and they appear to hamper learning. Therefore, we ask that oversized shirts and/or those with very long sleeves, as well as baggy/ill-fitting pants NOT be worn to school. Baggy, oversized, calf length shorts worn with white knee socks are never appropriate for school. Instead, we are asking that all of our students wear clothing that fits them and is appropriate for school. Parents, we appreciate your understanding and support in the above mentioned student dress and appearance standards. We, in Wiseburn and at Del Aire Elementary School, have high standards, and we believe that learning takes place when students come to school dressed appropriately.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support in this very important matter