About Del Aire

We, at Del Aire, believe that everyone is someone special. We provide a safe, supportive, and enriching environment where our students can develop a positive self-image, achieve academic excellence, and become responsible citizens.


Del Aire Elementary School was opened by the Wiseburn School District on October 31, 1946. This school was the second school built by the district and began with eight classrooms and one kindergarten room. Over the years, the school grew along with the Del Aire neighborhood, with classrooms being added to the nine-acre campus. In 1997 and 2000, Wiseburn voters approved two local school construction bonds with plans to completely rebuild our schools. The School Board designated Del Aire Elementary to be the first new construction project in the district, which broke ground in June 2000. The new campus was opened to students in June 2002. During this time the academic performance of Del Aire Elementary students continued to flourish; the state of California recognized Del Aire as a Distinguished School in 2000 and again in 2004. Our staff, students, and community look forward to continued success in the future on our beautiful new campus.

3 Way Pledge:

The Parent’s Pledge

As a parent, I/we will be responsible for letting my child know through my words and deeds that education is important. Therefore, I/we will be responsible for the following:
- Supporting the school and district's homework, discipline, and attendance policies.
- Being involved in my child's education through participation in school events such as Parent Conferences, PTA functions, Open House.
- Providing a quiet place, time, and materials needed for my child to study.
- Encouraging my child to complete his/her homework.
- Making sure my child gets an adequate nights sleep and a healthy diet.
- Having my child attend school regularly and on time.
- Listening to or reading with my child on a daily basis.
- Reviewing all school communications and returning notices.
(Parent's/Guardian's Signature)



The Student's Pledge
As a student, I realize that my education is important to me. I understand my parent(s) and teachers want to help me do my very best in school.
I know I am the one responsible for my own success, and that I must work hard to achieve it. Therefore, I will be responsible for the following:
- Being responsible about my own behavior by following all school and classroom rules
- Respecting the rights of others to learn without distraction and disruption.
- Being a cooperative learner.
- Arriving to school on time and being prepared to do my best.
- Returning all homework completed and on time.
- Spending time at home reading and studying.
- Asking for help when needed.
(Student's Signature)



The Teacher's Pledge
As a teacher, I understand that education is important to every student's life. I also understand the role I play in making a difference. Therefore, I will be responsible for the following:
- Providing a challenging and positive instructional program to teach all students.
- Teaching grade level skills and addressing the individual needs and strengths of all students.
- Modeling behavior that is expected from our students.
- Assigning appropriate homework with clear instructions.
- Correcting and returning appropriate work in a timely manner.
- Helping students follow the school and classroom rules.
- Assisting parents with how to help children at home.
(Teacher's Signature)